As a key cultural event for the town, entertainment for all ages is provided throughout the day. There is a combination of professional entertainment and performances by local schools/dance academies/sporting clubs etc.  Specific entertainment for children is held throughout the day.

Wonder Fair Tickets

Wonder Fair is happy to advise the online payment and ticketing system for the discounted pre-sold Family Bulk Buy Ride Tickets ( 10 tickets for $40.00) for the Great Pyramid Race is available for families via our website http://wonderfair.com.au/ticket-sales/.

Ticket sales will close at midnight on the day prior to the Race. Individual ride prices on the day of the fete will retail for $6.00 per ride per patron and be available at the coloured ticket booth.

Entertainment – Terms and Conditions


All performers must arrive an hour before performance and report to stage manager.

Please make sure that all pre-recorded music is on cd or USB, labelled clearly and provided to stage manager.  Please ensure that ONLY the music required for the performance is on the cd or USB.


Entertainment – Expression of Interest


To register your interest in being part of the entertainment program please register below.

All enquiries to our entertainment coordinator.