Race to the Base

Cross Country Race

Course Summary


The 6.2km Race to the Base course commences at Alley Park, travelling along streets throughout the town of Gordonvale, to the base of the Pyramid. If the mountain climb isn’t your cup of tea, this race may best suit your style.

Course details

Date: Saturday 17th August 2019
Race Start Time: 1:00pm
Check-in: 12:00pm – 12:45pm
Race Briefing: 12:45pm at the Start Line
Time Limit: 45 minutes from start time.
Adult Categories: 19+ years
Junior Categories: 10-11, 12-13, 14-15, 16-17
Entry Fee:

  • Adults $30.00 / Juniors $20.00 (online registrations CLOSING 9am 15th Aug)
  • 15th to 17th Adults $30.00, / Juniors $20.00 (cash only)

Distance: 6.2km
Start Line: Alley Park, Gordonvale
Turn around: Base of the Pyramid car park
Finish Line: Alley Park, Gordonvale

Participants are to enter the age category as their age on the event date.

As per time in the event program: Report to the runner’s registration tent and receive your runners bib number. This bib must be worn for the entire duration of the race.

Course map

  • Start behind the banner in Alley Park.
  • When leaving the park, run on the race track through the start finish Shute.
  • Head onto the race track towards Scouts den George street intersection.
  • Follow witch’s hats through intersection onto George street. Traffic control in place.
  • Turn left onto Moller street
  • Turn right onto Mill Road
  • Run down and through the Green Patch area
  • Run on the old Bruce highway up to tunnels
  • Run under the highway at the first set of tunnels
  • Run on the cane headland to Moss Road
  • Proceed along Moss Road to the Pyramid car park.
  • Turn around at the designated turn point, and have your runners bib number marked off.
  • Return to Alley Park following the reverse route back.
  • Finish under the Start/Finish line.



  • Adult Categories:                    1st, 2nd, 3rd, Male and Female – Cash Prize: (To be advised depending on sponsorship)
  • Junior Categories:                   1st, 2nd, 3rd, Male and Female – Voucher or Prize Pack (To be advised depending on sponsorship)

Race presentations:
As per event program


Number bib and Certificate:

Your runner’s bib is yours to keep and will be your certificate for participation in the event. No further certificates will be printed or emailed for this event.

Race rules


This event requires a good level of fitness. Temperatures may be as high as 30+ degrees on the day so please consider your hydration requirements. Please consider your own health in the lead up to the race. If you are unwell or have been unwell in the two weeks prior to the race, then consider the consequences of running on the day.



  • Please obey all marshals. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.
  • There is to be NO outside assistance.  Anyone caught receiving outside assistance will be disqualified.
  • Pacing by outside persons is prohibited. This includes a non-entrant joining the race, or a person shouting instructions from a bicycle.
  • Personal music devices are NOT permitted to be used due to safety issues.
  • Runners that do not complete the full course are NOT to pass through the finish line. Upon return please present yourself to SES to be marked off.
  • Stay on the track always. NO short cuts as this results in disqualification
  • Race Numbers will have to be marked off at checkpoints to gain a finish place in the race.
  • Any protests must be lodged within 15 minutes of your return. The Committee will hear these and their decision will be final.
  • Anyone caught running on the highway will be disqualified as this breach the conditions of our permit.


You must read and accept the race terms and conditions.