Pop-up Stalls

The Great Pyramid Race and Country Fair Pop Up Stalls and Kids Zone operate from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. The Food Zone operates from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, with additional food vendors starting trade around 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Stallholders are required to stay within the boundaries of their allotted space.  Unlike previous years we will not adjust the site plan to accommodate undisclosed requirements. Stall holders are required to attend the Event for the whole day, no vehicles will have access to the ground’s after 6:00 pm on the 16th (day before). If your stall is not set up by the required time (7:00 am 17th Aug) you will not be able to attend the event. If you pack your stall down early or do not adhere to the regulations in the booking forms you will not receive your bond back at the end of the event. Please DO NOT attend this event unless you are available and willing to attend the event for the entire day and into the evening.

Whilst every attempt is made to accommodate stall-holders requests, no guarantee is made that they can be fulfilled.

Stall space is not secured until full payment has been made along with bond.

Security will be onsite the evening before the Event to ensure all equipment is safe, the grounds are also fully locked and secure to prevent vehicle access.




It is in the interest of everyone’s safety that we restrict the movement of vehicles within Alley Park.

If your motor vehicle and / or trailer, make up part of your stall (i.e. food van) – you must put all this information on our expression of interest form.

Store holders are not permitted to drive on to Alley Park grounds to unload your goods outside of the bump in and bump out times.

Infrastructure (e.g. gazebo, chairs and tables, ropes, sand bags, lights) required for your stall must be supplied by the stall holder. All electrical equipment is required by law to be tested and tagged by a licence electrician. The committee will not supply any electrical equipment or physical stall infrastructure UNLESS PREVIOUSLY AGREED IN WRITING.

Stalls/sites will not have access to on-site/mains power UNLESS PREVIOUSLY AGREED IN WRITING.

In line with general commercial practice, stallholders are required to maintain relevant insurance of their products and operation. You are required to provide evidence of public liability insurance ($20 million) to operate at the markets, thus ensuring protection for yourselves and your customers.

Please bring a trolley/hand cart if that will help moving goods to and from the loading zone.

Anyone who will be working with children as part of their services (e.g. face painting) must have a blue card available for inspection.

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